Horse Livery

When you are looking for somewhere to keep your horses, Fir Tree Farm’s Full Livery Service  takes some beating. We have over 20 horses currently liveried with us, benefiting from daily attention, use of our arenas, lock up tack rooms and much much more.

Why only a Full Livery Service you may ask yourself?

We only offer a Full Livery Service because we like the horses to have routine and be fed, turned out and mucked out at the same time every day. We find that horses are more settled and relaxed when they have this sort of daily routine.

What do we Offer in our Weekly Livery Package

  • Mucking out (£5 less if you want to do it yourself)
  • Skipping out
  • Watering and Feeding
  • Turn out in winter and summer *
  • Use of both arenas
  • Lock up tack room

We have turnout paddocks for boys and girls. They are given extra hay/haylage when there is not sufficient grass.

All our horses are trained to come into their stables at night without being caught. It is amazing how quickly they learn where their stable is.

We also have ‘Holiday’ fields where you can turn your horse out for a week or so. These are a few miles away from Fir Tree Farm and are checked daily.


  • Clipping
  • Rug Changing
  • Hoof picking
  • Exercise
  • Schooling
  • Grooming and bathing
  • Mane pulling
  • Etc.

Many of our liveries are ‘Happy Hackers’ and I am sure they will be happy to show you all our bridle ways and hacks.

The family compete most weekends and if there is space on the lorry and you are a competitive rider, we are happy to take you along with us.

We also have a Pony Club at Fir Tree Farm and run our own small competitions for our liveries and riding school customers, which are very informal but a lot of fun.

Prices tend to be from £60-£75