Neebro Jane    SOLD

(Thistle) is a 14.2 welsh section D who we have had since 6 months old.

She a bay 14.2, 5 year old mare.


As with all our youngsters we brought her in at 2 years old to long rein, lunge and teach manners on the ground. She was very easy to do and was turned away to mature into a 3 year old.


At 3 years old she was brought back in to carry on her education and be ridden.


Unfortunately we discovered that she was in foal (a naughty colt had jumped into the field the previous year)

Although she had a lovely foal, he wasn’t well and died after a few days.

Turned Away

We turned her back out into the field to let her rest and get over her loss.

When we brought her back in to finish her education she was really easy and we were riding around the farm, in the school and on the road in no time.


Thistle is in work and competes every other week at Sykehouse Arena in the 65cm and recently in the 75cm always being placed.

Thistle is still green and she can be feisty at times, but i think that she gets frustrated in the riding school and feel that she would benefit from a one to one home.

She has fabulous paces and in the right hands will be a fun pony.